About Us
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About Us

Who Are We?

Oak & Edge is a Project Management/Building company that specialises in home modifications for people with a disability & aged care

Our focus is on making the world better for people with a disability, by helping them gain accessibility and independence in their homes and within their communities.

Gabrielle and Davin, the team behind Oak & Edge, provide hands-on support for all aspects of your home modification and disability accommodation.

Gab and Davin share a passion for helping people and creating innovative and practical solutions to improve your independent lifestyle.

They will evaluate your needs and provide smart solutions that work to keep you both safe and independent in your own homes.

We are a boots on the ground team that works together to bring independence to you.

Gabrielle Robinson, Director

With over 12 years in the construction industry, Gabrielle brings a depth of experience to Oak & Edge. Gabrielle is well versed in recommending and implementing modifications to make a home more accessible for clients, and has a keen ability to translate a clients goals and vision into tangible results.

With a Masters in Project Management/Construction & Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing/Advertising, Gabrielle’s diverse skill set provides clients with a unique service experience.

Davin Robinson, Director

An experienced carpenter with over 20 years in the industry who has successfully established his own carpentry business in both Victoria and NSW.

Project Managed both commercial and residential projects working with a diverse range of building industry stakeholders, to improve job costs and streamline project programmes in order to meet and exceed goals and deadlines.

Fluent in the residential & commercial building process, project sequence & material requirements, creating a 3-dimensional finished product from project plan package


Oak & Edge has a mission to create a world of freedom for people with a disability. We empower people to live a life of independence by enabling them to stay in their own homes where possible, for as long as possible.


Oak & Edge vision is to create a world where independence is the norm for people with disabilities, where people look past the disability and only see the ability.


Oak & Edge have 6 core values that guide us in all we do, and we want to share those with you

#1 Respect

Oak & Edge respects the needs and wishes of people, their families, carers, and friends.

Together we can create a sustainable solution for independence, dignity, and inclusion for people with disability

#2 Honesty

Oak & Edge leads with support, connection and being there for our clients. We genuinely want to see them grow and achieve their goals of independence and inclusion.

We are accountable, honest, ethical and professional in achieving your goals as well as our own. We are consistent and fair in all practices.

We want to see a change in the process for all participants to achieve these simple goals, and honesty and integrity play such an important role.

As a company, Oak & Edge places a high value on honesty in others, how we do business and how we deal with our clients, no matter what the truth or outcome may be.

#3 Equity

Oak & Edge believes that people who choose to live in regional centres should have the same access to quality service providers as the major metropolitan centres do.

People shouldn’t have to wait for long periods or have limited choices.

Oak & Edge provides quality service for regional areas while supporting the local economies

#4 Boundless

All too often we put limitations on what we think we can achieve, we don’t allow ourselves to think big enough.

Oak & Edge aim to challenge and push past those barriers, for us as a company, individually and for our clients and participants.

We ‘look past the disability and see the ability’

#5 Freedom

The freedom to be you, unapologetically, unashamedly you!
We strive to inspire, to live our best lives and achieve our highest potential, and encourage the same from all those we come into contact with.

#6 Family

Oak & Edge is a family owned and operated business and understands the importance of family in our lives.  We do what we do because of family, for our families, and for yours.
We sincerely have the best for you and your family at the forefront when we show up every day. We are sensitive and responsive to your needs through high-quality care and consideration.
We believe that accessibility shouldn’t be a barrier for family being together, we want to help connect families through accessibility